Saturday night (Sept. 14) was a special night for Thomas Rhett. Not only was he — for the first time — playing the same venue that legendary sports teams the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks have won championships in, but he had some special people by his side to watch him do it.

“My wife and both of my girls are here on the road with me for the first time in awhile,” Rhett told the sold-out crowd from his stage perch located towards the back of Chicago's United Center. “So I’m going to do this unreleased song that I wrote about a month ago. It’s to that 17-year-old kid that is going to be knocking on my door someday.”

And from there, Rhett began strumming his guitar and began to sing “To the Guys Who Date My Girls,” The tune marks yet another emotional wrecker from Rhett, who is already currently out with the touching “Remember You Young.”

Towards the middle of the song, the crowd erupted during this set of lyrics: "You know you can’t fool me/ I know what’s on your mind/wasn’t long ago I was your age/ and the same thing was on mine/when you pull her close, leave room for Jesus/ because if you ever cross that line/I swear boy you are going to need Him."

While many of the thousands of people gathered in the venue may have never heard the song before (he's actually been playing it since August), their interest in the new song was strong. It  was possible to hear a pin drop as Rhett sang about the delicate subject of letting go of his little girls someday.

Just the night before, the song got even more emotional in Kansas City, as Rhett actually brought up his oldest daughter Willa Gray to the stage as he sang.

Chances are that Rhett will continue to bring out this song periodically as he continues on with his Very Hot Summer Tour, which is set to conclude in Nashville on October 12. But if he ain’t careful, he might need to officially release this sure-fire hit way before that!

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