For more than two decades, Aaron Watson has been bringing his unique style of country music to listeners. Blending traditional honky-tonk with a modern sound, Watson has released 17 albums throughout his storied career.

A proud Texan, Watson made history in 2015, with his album The Underdog: That release made him the first independent male country solo artist to release an album that debuted at No. 1 on the charts. Although Watson was well known in his native Texas, it was then that his star really began to rise outside of the Lone Star State.

A skilled lyrical storyteller, Watson writes the majority of his songs and has wowed fans and critics alike with everything from sweet love songs about his wife to heart-wrenching ballads for the child he lost. Read on to discover The Boot's picks for the Top 5 Aaron Watson songs:

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    From 2004's 'The Honky Tonk Kid'

    When it comes to nostalgia, "Reckless" delivers all you could want and then some. Packaging sweet memories of first loves, long drives and carefree days into a tune perfect for the honky-tonk dance floor, "Reckless" is a highlight of Watson's 2004 album The Honky Tonk Kid.

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    "3rd Gear and 17"

    From 2006's 'San Angelo'

    With twangy guitars and new-school drum beats, "3rd Gear and 17" is a perfect blend of traditional honky-tonk and modern country. The song is featured on Watson's 2006 album San Angelo, and it introduced the singer to a new audience while delighting longtime fans at the same time. The lyrics might be about a breakup, but somehow "3rd Gear and 17" makes heartache a little less heartbreaking.

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    "Outta Style"

    From 2017's 'Vaquero'

    A tribute to all things love and loyalty, "Outta Style" gave Watson his first Billboard Top 10 hit and solidified the artist as a country music mainstay. The track was released on Watson's 2017 album, Vaquero, and written about his wife Kimberly. Just like their love, this song is "never going outta style."

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    "That Look"

    From 2015's 'The Underdog'

    All about the ways that opposites attract and how a great woman makes a good man even better, "That Look" shows Watson's songwriting skills at their peak while highlighting his smooth, sultry voice. The song crafts a love story that made the perfect first single from Watson's 2015 release The Underdog, which made history as the first album released by an independent male country solo artist to debut at No. 1 on Billboard's Country Albums chart.

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    "Bluebonnets (Julia’s Song)"

    From 2015's 'The Underdog'

    Inspired by the daughter Watson and his wife lost just hours after her birth, "Bluebonnets (Julia's Song)" is a touching and hopeful tribute to a life that is beautiful and heartbreaking all at once. Urging listeners to soak up every moment, "Bluebonnets (Julia's Song)" isn't just for those who have experienced loss, but for anyone going through hard times.

    "We're only here for a little while / It's beautiful and bittersweet / So make the most of every mile," encourages Watson in the chorus. "So pack light and love heavy / Give it all your heart and soul / And in the end, you won't regret one thing."

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