....neither can get a hit!   As a Red Sox fan, I haven't had much, no ANYTHING to cheer about this baseball season, other than the Yankees near regular season collapse, and now the total lack of offense in the post season.  Love how Yankee fans and players are now  "channeling" the 04' Sox and their ability to deal the Bombers the most humiliating defeat in sports history.

I also love reading the NY papers.  Sportswriters are brutal when the local team is flailing.  They ripped Coughlin and the Giants before the championships, they pounded the Jets on a daily basis before last week's Jet's win, and now they are merciless when writing about the Yanks.  For instance....

"...Good pitches, bad pitches, it makes no difference.  The Yankees can't hit them and that is why very shortly they won't see any pitches."  George King, NY Post.

"This isn't about advancing to the World Series anymore. The Yankees stand so far away from the Fall Classic, they couldn't see the Commissioner's Trophy with the Hubble Telescope."  Ken Davidoff, NY Post

"The 2004 Red Sox? Stop, in this ALCS the Yankees more resemble the 2012 Red Sox, lifeless and hopeless....they produced another offensive performance so incompetent that Jason Bay would scoff at it."  NY Post

I love reading the NY papers these days.

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