As the son of country legend John Michael Montgomery and then nephew of Montgomery Gentry's Eddie Montgomery, up-and-coming artist Walker Montgomery grew up immersed in country music. Even though he's now on the other side of the music business -- he's a performing artist and no longer just a fan -- Montgomery says his definition of country music hasn't changed much. 

Below, Montgomery reflects on what country music means to him.

It hasn't changed [since I grew up and became a musician]. I think country music is -- not to sound all "kumbaya," but I think music is the one language that we can all speak. And I think country music takes the crown of that.

I think country music is just about relatable, real-life situations. People make fun of it -- I don't understand why, I guess it's just what they want to do -- but people make fun of it by saying, you know, "Getting a cold beer after work and driving around in a pickup truck." I mean, hell, that's what I do on any given day!

But I guess it's just about what regular people do, what hard-working Americans do.

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