Today is "National Corn on the Cob Day." When I say "corn on the cob" three things come to mind. First, it brings back memories when I was a child and our family would go to Canada for a week. Every day, we would stop at a roadside stand and buy a baker's dozen (13) ears of corn for supper that night. YUM YUM!

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The second thing that comes to mind is the Harford Fair. Whenever I go there, one of the first stops I make is at the roasted corn on the cob stand. It's usually my last stop before I leave too. After all, I need something to eat as I walk back to the car.

Side Note: The Harford Fair is still scheduled for August 17th to the 22nd and they are having National Anthem tryouts now through Saturday, June 13th.

Finally (and most importantly), it reminds me of my sister, Michelle. When we were growing up, I was the kind older brother and I informed her that the ends of the corn weren't any good but because I cared for her so much, I offered to eat the ends for her. To this day, she doesn't eat the ends and she'll save them for me when I come to visit.

Any day is a great day to celebrate this sweet tasting treat. So whether you like it on the cob (like me) or as kettle corn (like my daughter, Tara), corn is the icing on the cake...not literally...Ooh, I wonder how that would taste.

It's known as "corn-stick" or "sweet pole." I call it "Amazingly Awesome." What memories does corn on the cob bring back to you?

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