There's something to be said about the quiet life on a Central New York backroad. It's the perfect place to get lost and get right with your soul. It's also where you're guaranteed to see a number of things you won't see living in the city.

If you're sick and tired of the crowds, congestion, and the concrete jungle living, them old backroads are what y'all are missing. It's filled with places Where the Green Grass Grows in Wide Open Spaces. Whether you call it a Hicktown, Backwoods or the Boondock, it's the perfect place to Buy Dirt if you're looking for life out in the country.

Gone are the traffic jams, unless you get behind an International Harvester. The smog is no more, allowing you to see the Clear Blue Sky. Ask anyone living in the country and they'll tell you freedom isn't on the highway it's on the backroad of Central New York.


24 Things You're Guaranteed to See on a CNY Backroad

If you take a drive down a Central New York backroad, you're bound to see at least 24 things you won't find in the city.

More to New York Than Big Apple

Just because you're from New York, doesn't mean you live in the city? There is SO MUCH more to the Empire State than the empire on Wall Street.

New York City is such a small part of the state that is located at the southern tip. Nearly 9 million people are crammed into a mere 300.46 square miles. The rest of the population has more than 54,000 square miles to spread out in. And not just in the country either.

Upstate New York has the Adirondack mountains. Where do you think Adirondack chairs came from? Niagara Falls is in New York too and it's a long way from the city.

Here are 70 picture-perfect moments that prove New York is a big state with way more than just the Big Apple.


70 Stunning Country Living Photos To Prove There's More to New York than NYC

There's so much more to New York than just the Big Apple. From mountains and rivers to waterfalls and miles of wide-open spaces. Here are 70 picture-perfect country living moments to prove it.

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