We're living in a time of significant civil unrest for more reasons than one.

With the coronavirus pandemic translating to millions of Americans out of work and the unrest regarding the death of George Floyd and racial injustice, the positive moments that have gone viral over the past few weeks seem to be few and far between.

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Two best friends from Rochester, NY decided the best way to unite people in their neighborhood was to share a beer. No argument there, right? Benjamin Smith and Marcus Ellis went viral after pictures that showed off the setup they put together outside their house that invited ALL people to come have a beer hit social media.

It wasn't long until celebrities caught wind of the besties and were inspired by their message of togetherness. One celebrity in particular was Brad Paisley who surprised the guys with a Zoom call to tell them how inspired he was by their actions.  

Brad Paisley's new song "No 'I' In Beer" talks about exactly what these guys are trying to inspire in everyone else, so Brad wanted to let the guys know that he has their full support. Oh, and he also bought them both a crazy amount of beer....





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