It was an interesting two days for me this weekend.

First, I finally downloaded the Houseparty app everyone is now obsessed with that lets you play games while on video with your friends and family. Checked that off my list.

What else did I do? Oh, not much. I cooked a lot, cleaned a bit, did a bunch of laundry, and managed to squeeze in some screen time with Brad Paisley.

Yep. Brad Paisley crashed my Zoom meeting on Saturday night. When I told Joe Kelly I got to unexpectedly chat with our friend Brad, I'm not entirely convinced that he believed me. If you follow Brad on social media, then you most likely heard about his 'Paisely Pub Crawl' he hosted on Saturday.


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So, my friends and I immediately scheduled a Zoom meeting and sent it over to him. Our meeting featured two members of the military (Suzie Pepe and Sam Kutcher), a teacher (Jillian Dunn), a pilot (Samantha Foy), a barber (Markie McDonald), a little girl about to go into surgery to get her appendix removed (Katie Hoy), and yours truly.

Brad joined our Zoom and was such a blast! We all shared a drink, chatted about the state of things here in South Jersey, and sang part of his new single 'No I In Beer'. The sweetest part of the call was when Brad talked to my friend Suzie's little sister Katie who was about to go into surgery mere hours later.

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So, what did Brad and I talk about? Well, in addition to filling him in on all the coronavirus stats here in South Jersey, we talked about how impressed I was at the great job he did at dyeing his wife Kim's hair. We made a deal that the next time he plays here in South Jersey, he'll dye my hair. Should I have made that deal? Ehhh, who knows. But, if you haven't seen the video of his work on his wife's hair, he definitely has another skill to add to that section of his resume.

Jahna Michal
Jahna Michal

Brad, I won't forget that! Thanks so much for the chat! We had such a great time. Stay well!

***** Jahna made the cut! Brad posted highlights of his Zoom chats Saturday night and we made it in (a bunch of times, actually)! WATCH:






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