It's been a roller coaster ride for Brooke Moriber. The aspiring country singer started on Broadway in New York City as a kid before becoming blind as a teen. That unexpected twist of fate led her to Nashville where she's now chasing her dreams.


Brooke grew up in Greenwich Village where she listened to music that drifted into her bedroom window from Washington Square Park and the nightclubs below. When she was 8 years old, Brooke booked her first audition and landed the role of Young Cosette in Les Misérables on Broadway; the first of many successes on stage.

Credit - Brooke Moriber via Facebook
Credit - Brooke Moriber via Facebook

Rare Eye Disease

When Brooke was a teenager she was diagnosed with a rare eye disease. “I woke up one morning and couldn’t see my face in the mirror.”

To cope with the devasting diagnosis and debilitating treatments, Brooke turned to songwriting. Four years later, to the surprise of her doctors, Brooke went into remission and regained her sight as well as a new lease on life. She was soon playing to packed rooms in those downtown clubs she tried to peek into as a child. As her popularity rose so did her opportunities. Brook has opened for national acts at Jones Beach and performed the National Anthem for her hometown New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

Credit - Brooke Moriber via Facebook
Credit - Brooke Moriber via Facebook

A Phone Call & A Demo

Brooke got her big break when she was approached by a film producer who happened to be the brother of a legendary Nashville record producer. One phone call and a demo later, Brooke was in Nashville preparing to record her first song in Music City.

“Cry Like A Girl”, was independently released in 2019. Its success led to Brooke signing with Reviver Records.

Credit - Brooke Moriber via Facebook
Credit - Brooke Moriber via Facebook

This Town Made Us

Brooke splits her time between Nashville, where she's recording her first album, and her hometown in New York, which inspired her latest record 'This Town Made Us,' a song about hometown pride and resilience that she wrote after the pandemic hit and a tornado ripped through Nashville.

“Both of my hometowns were (and still are) so strong and determined to recover. Nashville strong, New York tough — ‘Straight up from the dust, steady risers.’ We are the definition of resilient. You tear us down, we build it back better and stronger. I wrote this song for my two hometowns and anyone from anywhere who feels proud of where they come from and shaped by their roots.”

FrogFest 33

You can hear more from Brooke at or when she hits the FrogFest 33 stage on Saturday, June 18 at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds.

Credit - Brooke Moriber via Facebook
Credit - Brooke Moriber via Facebook

WHAT: FrogFest 33
WHEN: June 18
WHERE: Herkimer County Fairgrounds
GATES: 11:30 AM
MUSIC: 12:00 PM


Dylan Scott

Brooke Moriber
Alexandria Corn
Alyssa Trahan
Frankie Justin
Whiskey Creek
Joe Vandresar & Kickin' It
Broken Rule
National Anthem with Krystal Lee


$23 General Admission
SOLD OUT $65 - Curtis Lumber VIP tickets include a private cash bar, food, private bathrooms, FrogFest T-Shirt, and special seating.
Kids 10 and under FREE with General Admission (VIP tickets $65)
$30 at the gate on June 18

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