Brothers Osborne were just announced as nominees for two ACM Awards and they stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the recent noms, their new single, and what they've been up to during the pandemic.

The group is up for Duo of the Year and Album of the Year at the upcoming ACM Awards. John Osborne noted that they'd love to win either way, but the ultimate achievement for them would be winning Album of the Year. They worked really hard on their album all year and really put all of their energy into their music. In fact, the nom for Album of the Year really came as a shock to the guys that John confessed when he heard the news he just started shouting expletives. TJ Osborne added that it was like watching a toddler, because no one knew what he was trying to say.

This album is the first one that the duo had their road band join them on the record, which they were both really excited about. They just announced their latest single to country radio is "All Night" from the album. They believe it's a very simple song, but it's fun. Though they added that simple songs are always the hardest for them to write. They had wrote this song with touring in mind, hoping to have a song that would "Slap... you know as the kids say."

As for what the duo has been up to since the pandemic hit, TJ and Kacey Musgraves have been getting even closer. When asked about seeing Amy out on a hike when he was with Musgraves, TJ said the two of them have always been really close, but especially over quarantine they got even closer. They also recently had a GRAMMYs watch party at TJ's house, John said that TJ has the best house for get togethers. Turns out TJ's house is "just one button click away from turning into a club."

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