In a press release on Monday, Governor Kathy Hochul announced the opening of the Children's Museum at Saratoga, a 16,000 square foot facility developed as part of the Park of the Arts initiative.

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Following a $3.1 million renovation project relocating it, the museum now features refurbished exhibits, new STEM exhibits, and a variety of hands-on exhibits that allow children to experiment and learn about science in a fun and engaging way. The museum is also accessibly built and features quiet space for children to relax.

Sarah Smith, the Children's Museum Executive Director, stated "At the heart of our mission is creating a space that inspires curiosity, sparks imagination, and nurtures discovery. And we think this new space, with its ability to reach more children of all developmental levels, and their families, helps foster that goal."

The Children's Museum itself was founded in 1990. This project moved it to the Lincoln Bathhouse in Saratoga Spa State Park in an effort to better serve New York children. It received a $600,000 Empire State Development grant as well as private donations and additional public grants.

As part of the press release, State Senator Daphne Jordan stated "Repurposing the Lincoln Bathhouse in Saratoga Spa State Park to house the new Children's Museum not only brings to life a historic building, but also provides a greatly expanded space in the museum for new interactive exhibits and more hands-on activities sure to delight children and their parents.

Officials estimate that three million people visit Saratoga Spa State Park every year, and the park features a number of other activities for families to enjoy beyond the newly opened Children's Museum.

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