Time for me to tee off NY sports fans again, well Jets fans anyway.  The biggest clown circus in sports has apparently lost one of their biggest clowns.  It seems that most Jets followers in the city are saying that Sanchez may have played his last game as a Jet. It appears that the Geno Smith era will begin with Sunday's game against Tampa Bay and the one time Jets savior may be headed to the IR list.  The fact that they recently signed one time first rounder Brady Quinn makes that seem even more likely.  As a New England Patriots fan, just let me say...Boo Hoo.

Yeah, he brought them to the AFC Championship Game his first two years, but since then he has turned the ball over 52 times. 52! That of course includes the infamous "buttfumble" against my Patriots. (Check out the  Sanchez blooper video below.)

Remember when Rex Ryan was a media darling and talk of the town?  Now the only talk about Ryan is if he will make it through the season without being fired. Too funny. Ryan, of course is the reason Sanchez may end up on Injured reserve because of his decision to insert the QB into a pre-season game during garbage time in the 4th quarter.

Sorry, but I am enjoying seeing the Jets become the laughing stock of not only the NFL, but of all pro sports. Such a contrast between the two professional football teams in the city. The Giants continue to be one of the classiest organizations in the league with one of the best coaches and a quarterback that truly is worthy of being called a franchise player. That pains me to say, by the way, considering the results of the Patriots/Giants Super Bowls but hey, it is what it is.

Do you think Sanchez is history? This NY sportswriter definitely does.

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