On Wednesday, November 15, New York Congressman Mike Lawler made an important announcement regarding the fight against antisemitism on college campuses.

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Congressman Lawler announced that two amendments that he put forward to the House's appropriations bill for Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education (LHHS) were passed, showing that there is a strong commitment by government officials to combat the issue of antisemitism.

The first amendment requires the Office for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Education to prioritize the investigation of antisemitic incidents. This was passed by a voice vote in the en bloc amendments.

The second amendment will revoke federal funding for college campuses that provide a platform for antisemitic hate. This amendment was adopted with widespread, bipartisan support, highlighting the urgency and importance of addressing antisemitism in all its forms.

Earlier this year, Congressman Lawler introduced H.R. 3773, the Stop Anti-Semitism on College Campuses Act. This act aims to repeal federal funding for colleges that support or facilitate events promoting antisemitism on campus.

"The threats and violence against Jewish students on college campuses in the aftermath of Hamas' October 7th terrorist attack on Israel have made this policy even more pressing," stated Congressman Lawler when highlighting the need for these amendments.

Congressman Lawler also emphasized the importance of creating a safe environment for students on campus, stating, "We must ensure students are safe on campus, and Congress must continue our work to eradicate the scourge of antisemitism at every turn."

Lawler expressed gratitude for the adoption of his amendment to defund campus antisemitism and the one prioritizing investigations of antisemitic incidents, showcasing the seriousness with which the House of Representatives is addressing the threats Jewish students face daily.

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