Jake Owen makes his big screen debut this Friday with the film Our Friend. In the new film, Owen is acting alongside Jason Segel, Casey Affleck, and Dakota Johnson to tell the inspiring true story of the Teague family and how their lives are upended by the mother's heartbreaking diagnosis of terminal cancer. Owen came on The Bobby Bones Show to share his experiences on set and how he came into the role.

Owen's agent had asked him if he ever wanted to be in a movie, and Owen was always open to giving it a try if something came his way. Well, the role for Our Friend came to them and he auditioned, and now he's making his first big screen debut. He didn't have any experience going into the movie. His team encouraged him to take an acting lesson before starting filming, but Owen confessed he didn't want to do acting lessons.

With no true acting experience, he went into filming ready for people to comment on his lack of experience. He shared that his first scene on set was with Affleck. During that first filming, he was ready for someone to comment on the fact that he had no idea what he was doing. However, that never happened, things just went on as if he was like any other actor.

Our Friend will be out this Friday (January 22) in theaters and on streaming.

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