New York Police are making national headlines after rescuing a dog from under a house.

The West Seneca Police Department responded to a dog trapped under a house. Their 'two best dog whisperers' were sent to help. The only thing better than the rescue was the social media commentary.

The dog, named Buttercup managed to make his way deep under the home's foundation. "Officer Rave is very concerned. Officer Pingitore is only concerned with looking cool," the department tweeted.

The 'dog whisperers' discovered digging a hole was the only way out. Unfortunately, Buttercup was still out of reach. So, they brought in the heavy machinery. "Not a precision machine though as he just shoveled dirt on Officer Rave's head."

The officers worked together to shine more light on the situation. "In the spirit of the Summer Olympics, a flashlight has been passed like a relay baton."

The hole needed to be larger to #SaveButtercup, which started trending on Twitter. "More digging. Some brainstorming going on."

Butter was still out of reach. The commentary continued - "Officer Pingitore will make a great supervisor someday,"

After a lot of digging, brainstorming, and supervising, Buttercup was finally saved. "Gold medals for everyone."

Buttercup was fine and "appreciates everyone rooting for her during this harrowing rescue. #savebuttercup."

Credit - West Seneca Police via Twitter
Credit - West Seneca Police via Twitter

Fan enjoyed the rescue just as much as the play by play. It even made news all over the world. From Australia and the United Kingdom to CBS News.

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