It's an age-old story that dog owners love to tell. They bought a toy for their pup; positive their little best friend would love it or not be able to destroy but then were promptly proven wrong.

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Have you ever wondered how pet toys and treats hit store shelves? Not the process of making them, but the process of deciding what toys and treats are worthy of our four legged friends?

Can you imagine a bunch of suit and tie types gnawing on a toy or munching on a chicken liver treat to decide whether or not either are good enough to sell in their store? Although that would be a funny thing to see, the experts at PetSmart think it should probably be left to cats and dogs instead of humans and so, they're hiring for "Chief Toy Tester."

The new Chief Toy Tester roles will help us better connect with and serve our four-legged (or less!) cat and dog customers in exciting ways. These c-suite pets will let pet parents know they are getting the best tried-and-true products for their beloved furry family members. - Will Smith, Senior VP and CMO/ PetSmart

PetSmart is recruiting cats and dogs in New York to find the perfect team to hire. One cat and one dog will be selected but they must have vast experience in play, a skill for toy testing, and an advanced palate for sampling a huge variety of treats.

The dog selected for the role of Chief Toy Tester will not only get a lot of toys and treats to test, but they'll also get salon treatments, will get to strut their stuff at PetSmart events, and will earn $10,000 for their human. The selected cat Chief Toy Tester will receive the same compensation.

Anyone who thinks their dog (or cat) would be perfect for the position should fill out this online application no later than 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 17, 2023. Humans applying for their pet will need to submit a photo of their pet, a review of their pet's favorite toy, and a 10-30-second video of their furry friend that shows off their personality.

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