Here we are in springtime and most people are already planning their summers with what they are going to do. Let's face it, in Upstate NY, because it's cold most of the year, we try to pack as much as we can, activity-wise, into our summers when the weather is best. It's a tall order but who doesn't like a challenge?

If you enjoy a great county fair, you're in luck because we are lucky here in Central New York to have several great county fairs to choose from that are not far away.

Remember, that all county fair plans are subject to change since COVID-19 is still around and seems to come and go with different variants that spread quickly but our fingers are crossed that all these fairs can move forward as planned since county fairs have such a rich tradition in Upstate NY and have always been a big part of summer enjoyment for so many!

If you are a fair-goer, then you probably have something you enjoy best. Answer the poll below and let us know.

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