In my life, I've had an opportunity to see a handful of veterans be presented with a Quilt of Honor and no matter how many times I've watched the presentation, I choke up because the meaning behind the giving of the quit is so special.

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Quilts of Honor is an effort that began in 2005 and officially took on non-profit status in 2010. The mission of Quilts of Honor is to hand-make patriotic quilts to gift members of our military touched by war. These quilts are so special that the Navy Seals asked the organization to make one to be given to President Bush. In 2007, the President was presented with a special "presidential" quilt. Also in 2007, “The Warrior” quilt was presented to the Pentagon and placed inside the “9/11 Memorial Display Case.”

On Wednesday, November 11, a very special female veteran was presented with her very own Quilt of Honor. Cora Swartout of Oxford served the United States as a member of the Air Force during the Korean Conflict. Today, Swartout is a life member of Fort Hill American Legion Post #376 and it was there that she was presented with her Quilt of Honor to recognizer and honor her for her service.

If you are a quilter and would like to volunteer to help make quits as an act of love and respect for our veterans, Quilts of Honor has local chapters all across the country and they welcome anyone who would like to help either by making quilts or by helping with quilting supplies.

One Stitch at a Time is one of the local chapters of Quilts of Honor and they make quilts for veterans who live in Sherburne, Columbus, Smyrna, Norwich, and Earlville areas. If you would like to learn how to make a special quilt to honor one of our veterans, please reach out to Trish Kane by calling 607-674-9656 or emailing You can also reach out to Brenda Crandall by calling 607-674-4852. If you aren't a quilter, you can still help by donating patriotic fabric or by making a donation so that quilting supplies can be purchased and either Trish or Brenda can explain how to do that.

If you know a veteran who meets the criteria and would like to see them presented with their own Quilt of Honor, you can submit their information here.

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