Ronnie Dunn has a lot of things happening right now. He virtually came on The Bobby Bones Show to talk about Brooks & Dunn's new music video, being known as "vintage," and his latest Lensmen Project.

Everyone has been telling Dunn to write a song about all the things happening in our country right now. But he wasn't sure how best to do exactly that. When he was looking back through Brooks & Dunn's catalog, he was reminded of their song "Peace Love And Country Music." Listening to that song again, Dunn thought it was the perfect song for everyone to hear right now. That's when they decided to redo the music video for the hit song to further fit the situations going on in our country right now.

Brooks & Dunn hasn't released any "new" music, which is why some fans are considering them to be "vintage." He doesn't really let himself think about it too much, but for the most part he's good with it. Dunn says he's glad he's been around long enough for "vintage" to even be a thing. Artists always just want their music to be around for years. He did share with Bobby Bones the coolest old school Brooks & Dunn item he has at his home. He has their drums from their last tour, The Last Rodeo. Brooks & Dunn toured with ZZ Top and Billy Gibbons connected them with the individuals who created their awesome drum set. So Brooks & Dunn got one made for their band, and it now lives in Dunn's barn inside the studio. Though Dunn added they're moving houses right now to a lot across from them so they can downsize.

Dunn's been further pursuing his passion for photography in the last few years. He and a few friends created the Lensmen Project. They've all been friends for years, two of them are experienced photographers. Their group likes to shoot rodeos and whatever else is of interest to them. They decided to turn their passions into a fun business and created this organization where their photographs benefit others. A few years ago Ronnie's youngest daughter had a situation with a very rare cancer. So right now they're donating the proceeds of their photos to the American Cancer Society. People can see their project and photographs here.

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