Like millions of others who got hooked on the Netflix drama "House of Cards" last year, I was anxiously awaiting the debut of season 2 which, by the way, actually gave me a reason to look forward to Valentine's Day. I was not disappointed. Wow. Most of the reviews I have read about the premier episode are absolutely raving about it, including this writer who calls it one of the best hours of TV he has ever watched. I agree.

I spent this past weekend couch surfing, remote in one hand, beverage in the other, and took advantage of the whole season being available. Yup, I watched all thirteen, and while I loved them all, I'm a little down in that I have to wait a year for a new episode. Look away if you don't want to know. Here comes the spoiler:

When Frank Underwood pushed Zoe in front of the subway, tell me that wasn't one of the most jaw-dropping things you have seen on TV in a long time.  Not that I didn't have a feeling the Kata Mara character wouldn't meet her demise eventually, just didn't think it would be so soon.

If you are a fan and watched the premier but had the discipline to save some for later and not binge watch the whole season, you've got more willpower than me. (or more of a life) Let's say it definitely justified even more my decision to do away with cable.

The subway episode is now being referred to as "That Scene" in many articles and chat boards, including this one. Check it out.

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