As a New England fan, I have so enjoyed watching the Jets flail away this year as they do their impersonation of a professional football team.  While the patented "Butt Fumble" should be somewhere in the Hall of Fame, nothing can match the total ineptitude of Mark Sanchez last night, especially considering that in spite of themselves, they were still in a playoff hunt.

It has been fun reading the New York sportswriters and fans alike brutalize Ryan, Sanchez, and the rest of the organization, and some of the comments have been quite amusing, if I do say so myself.  Here are a couple....

"Mark Sanchez...he's not a quarterback, but he plays one on TV."

"Sanchez threw a hissy fit after the game, but of course it was intercepted."

"Word is later today, Comedy Central will be showing the 2012 Jets highlight reel."

"Why is it every time the Jets had the ball last night, I kept hearing the theme song to the Benny Hill Show in my head?"

Or how about this from the NY Post..."Plenty of Blame to go Around for Gang Groan."

There are plenty more just as good. Bottom line is the Jets were a mess right form the time training camp began in Cortland, and the Tebow circus didn't help.

Oh, one more note....My fantasy football opponent had Shonn Greene in last night's game, and in order to make my league super bowl, I needed Greene to have a poor game.  I knew I had nothing to worry about.


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