It's hard to know when Spring arrives in Central New York. You definitely can't tell by looking at the calendar that says the new season will be here on March 20. Heck, it's been known to snow as late as Mother's Day around these parts. But we have those other tell-tale signs spring is near.

From ice cream parlors opening to breaking out the shorts and flip flops, Central New Yorkers know when Spring is coming no matter what Mother Nature dishes out.

The average temperature in the month of March fluctuates between 24 and 38 degrees. This year we have had unseasonably warm weather, breaking a record earlier in the month when temperatures were in the 70s. But that was only for one day and it snowed the next. But that doesn't stop ice cream shops from opening around the area to make it feel like spring.

April in Central New York is much better. The average temperature is around 50 degrees. But it's also been known to still snow a few times. The good news is, April snow doesn't hang around too long. It falls and melts the next day. Just seeing snow in April is aggravating. Then again we've seen snow in May around Central New York.

Despite the snow late in the season, there are several signs spring will eventually arrive in New York. Here are 20 of them.

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