We're in the thick of winter, which can mean only one thing: bad drivers are more prevalent on the road than snowflakes.

This parody of Andy Grammer's "Honey, I'm Good" by WOKQ, in Portsmouth, N.H., takes on all those slow winter drivers and the aggravation they cause you because they're being overly-cautious when it comes to moving along the roadways when even the slightest bit of snow is on the ground.

You know who these people are. They're the ones who go half the 40-mile-per-hour speed limit in the left lane if they even hear a rumor about flurries. They're the ones who slow up at a green light because they sense the yellow is coming. They're the ones whose turn signals go on about a dozen blocks before they need to hang a right.

These are the drivers who are trying to be so safe they're actually unsafe and they're the ones who make you blood pressure boil to a temperature that could melt all that non-existent snow and make the roads easy to navigate once again.

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