Tiffany Woys is completely and utterly in love. Set to marry her fiance Jeff Siddiqi later in 2022, the country music singer finds herself in that sweet spot of her life where all she can see are blue skies ahead.

And that’s what makes singing about heartbreak so dang hard.

“I'm so happy right now that it's hard for me to put myself in this, in that place,” she tells Taste of Country during a recent interview about her new single “I Don’t Want You Back,” which tells that all-too common, tug-of-war story of a bleeding heart.

While the California native can remember what that sort of heartbreak feels like, it’s the heartbreak that her sister Chantel is going through that made her want to take this song and make it her own.

“My sister was eight weeks away from her wedding and her fiance basically just said, ‘Sorry, it’s not going to happen,’” Woys remembers of the backstory told somewhat through the lyrics of “I Don’t Want You Back,” which was originally penned by Jason Saenz, Sara Haze, and Jon Mclaughlin.  “My sister is my best friend, and I watched as her whole life was just ripped from her. At the same time, I watched her battle that feeling of, ‘I know I shouldn't want to be with you.’”

The ToC Artist to Watch stops to take a deep breath.

“I watched my sister crumble, and it was very hard for me to be happy in my own relationship,” continues Woys, who grew up on the heartbreak ballads of artists including Carrie Underwood and Faith Hill. “She knew she shouldn't want him back, but ... she wanted him back. But she knew that if she did take him back, it wasn’t going to end well. It's just that constant push and pull of what's right and wrong that I watched her battle.”

It's that internal battle that comes into stunningly clear focus in the new music video for "I Don't Want You Back," premiering exclusively on Taste of Country.

“I knew I wanted to play out my sister’s story in this music video, but I wanted to get her permission first,” explains Woys, who served as co-director of the music video. “Originally, she said she wanted to be the person in the music video. Turns out our schedules just didn't work. I think that everything happens for a reason. I think that was probably best.”

Following in the footsteps of one of her musical heroes Taylor Swift, Woys proceeded to lovingly craft the music video via a multitude of details that would encourage listeners to literally fall into every detail, from the actress wearing the actual clothing that Chantal was wearing the day the breakup happened to the tattoo placement on the actor playing the ex-fiance.

But perhaps the most striking piece of the music video is in the opening seconds, when Woys is sitting alone in a church, wearing a black dress.

“It looks like I am waiting for a funeral to begin, and in a sense, I was,” says Woys, who released her new EP All About Love in March of 2022. “You are mourning the loss of a wedding and a marriage that never took place. And that's why nobody's in the church and that's why I'm dressed in black. I feel like I allowed my emotions to really speak during that part of the video.”

And the first time her sister watched the music video?

“She said she bawled her eyes out,” concludes Woys. “She just couldn't get through the whole thing.”

But life goes on, and Woys finds herself continuing to grieve the circumstances of her sister, but basking in the happiness that awaits her at her own wedding.

“It's odd planning my own wedding and (Chantel is) going to my maid of honor, and I want to start crying now just thinking about it,” she says tearfully. “What she's gone through and what she's having to put aside to help me celebrate my big day … I just can't fathom.”

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