In my 50 plus years on this earth, I had never realized that we live in such a self-entitled world. On the one hand, we complain that the government should stay out of our lives and pocketbooks, and then on the other hand, we have our hand out when it suits us. Sorry to burst your balloon, but we can't have our cake and eat it too.  I'm not really sure when in history we became this way. Maybe we always have been like this and it just took COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to bring it to my attention. I have been following posts on the dreaded social media for several weeks, and yes, sometimes, given my unwanted opinion.  However, the other day something was posted that caught my attention and really flipped my switch.

A person (unnamed) posted that you could thank the government because she had to pay, yes, her rent. WTH?  Beg your pardon, why is it the federal government's fault that you have to pay your rent? At first I was confused, but then asked her why she felt it was the government's problem? Her response: because of COVID-19, the government didn't make her rental agency not expect to get paid?  WTF? Maybe I just don't understand. How does COVID-19 wash out any financial commitment we have to others? Those that own/run the rental proprieties we live in also have bills and debt.  If we don't pay them, they can't pay their bills and so on and so on, it's a full circle.  In the same post, someone actually commented that landlords needed to get real jobs. Again, WTH? That's like saying because of COVD-19, your employer isn't going to pay you for the hours worked and you should just understand and deal with it.

People, we have responsibilities. Does this suck? Absolutely. We have all been hit by it, and believe me, I know first hand how it has affected people's income. My household is suffering just as much as everyone else's. No one is immune to this. My point here is, instead of blaming the government for having to pay "your" mortgage/rent, shouldn't we be working with our mortgage companies and landlords?  Aren't they the ones who make that decision?  This will pass and hopefully things will get back on track. I don't say business as usual because I don't think we will or should ever do business as usual moving forward.  I hope that this has taught us all some very valuable lessons. I know it has me.

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