If movies and TV have taught us anything, it's that all mothers are NOT created equal. While some fictional moms might be willing to play the doting matriarch, others engage in twisted mind games, dole out severe corporal punishment and even commit murder most foul. Think about that the next time you forget to call your mom on Mother's Day.

Sadly, not all mothers are like Mrs. Gump and Carol Brady. If you had a mom like any of those listed here, you'd never forget to clean your room or take out the garbage again. Check out our breakdown of the 10 worst moms from movies and TV below.

1. Lori Grimes, 'The Walking Dead'

Lori Grimes

While part of us thinks Lori Grimes from 'The Walking Dead' has gotten a bad rap as a mom, let's look at the evidence, shall we? She can't keep track of her son (see the "Where's Carl?" meme), considered taking a handful of morning after pills to terminate her pregnancy and even sped off in the night after husband Rick, leaving Carl behind and crashing her car in the process. Lastly, her (SPOILER ALERT) ghost won't leave Rick alone. Granted, it's difficult being a good parent during a zombie apocalypse, but come on. Somebody needs a refresher course on child care right away.

2. Stifler's Mom, 'American Pie'

Stifler's Mom

Stifler's mom from 'American Pie' is every young boy's fantasy, but she's an absolute nightmare as a parent. Most teenagers are easily embarrassed by their parents anyway, but when your mom is a MILF (the movie helped coined the term) who sleeps with your friends, it's a whole other thing.

3. Joan Crawford, 'Mommie Dearest'

Joan Crawford

Sure, moms can be strict sometimes, but Joan Crawford takes it way, way too far in 'Mommie Dearest,' the movie based on the memoir of the same name. In fact, she berates and beats adoptive daughter Christina throughout the entire film and, in one memorable scene, ensures none of us will ever look at wire hangers the same way again.

4. Margaret White, 'Carrie'

Margaret White
United Artists

Nothing's wrong with teaching your kid the importance of religion, but Margaret White in 'Carrie' takes it to the extreme. She's an insane zealot who shames her telekinetic daughter for menstruating, locks her in a closet, beats her with an abridged Bible, throws tea in her face and tries to kill her by stabbing her in the back after her famously disastrous prom. Jeez. Thanks, Mom. Way to be supportive.

5. Betty Draper, 'Mad Men'

Betty Draper

Don Draper may not be the greatest dad, but ex-wife Betty takes the cake when it comes to bad parenting. She's vain, detached, selfish and a bigger child than any of her kids. And as her own youth fades, she becomes resentful of her children, especially daughter Sally.

In one unforgettable scene in season 3, son Bobby complains that he's bored. Betty's advice? "Go bang your head against a wall," she suggests. "Only boring people are bored." Wow! That's quite a parenting gem. Remind us to never do rainy day crafts with you, Betty.

6. Kate McCallister, 'Home Alone'

Kate McCallister
20th Century Fox

Moms can be forgiven for sometimes being absentminded, but there's really no excusing Kate McCallister when she forgets to bring son Kevin along for a family trip to Paris in 'Home Alone.'

To make matters worse, she loses track of Kevin a second time in the sequel and the young boy ends up in New York City while the rest of the family flies to Florida for Christmas. Better get that kid a leash.

7. Mrs. Voorhees, 'Friday the 13th'

Mrs. Voorhees

Sure, Mrs. Voorhees loves her son like any good mom would, but she gets way too stabby about it in 'Friday the 13th.' In the classic horror flick, the killer mom runs amok in Camp Crystal Lake murdering teenagers as a way to avenge son Jason who drowned there years before.

Of course, Mrs. Voorhees dies at the end of the movie and Jason himself assumes slashing duties in the many movies that follow. As a mom, she'd be so proud.

8. Norma Bates, 'Bates Motel'

Norma Bates

'Bates Motel,' which is currently airing on A&E, takes some liberties with the story established in the classic 1960 Alfred Hitchcock film 'Psycho,' but Norma Bates is just as manipulative, co-dependent and borderline incestuous as we expected her to be. In other words, she's got the perfect parenting style if you want your son to become a cross-dressing serial killer.

9. Peg Bundy, 'Married...With Children'

Peg Bundy

Peg Bundy from 'Married...With Children' is the kind of mom who prefers to eat bonbons on the couch, watch daytime TV shows and lavish herself with expensive gifts rather than be a parent. Oh, and her maiden name is "Wanker." Need we say more? Love the kitschy bouffant and skintight pants, though.

10. Mary Jones, 'Precious'

Mary Jones

If Peg Bundy represents the comedic side of being a bad mom, Mary Jones from 'Precious' is exactly the opposite. This chain-smoking unemployed mom is unimaginably cruel to her daughter and even turns a blind eye as Precious is sexually abused by her father and has two children. Just goes to show -- your mom deserves a big hug right now.

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