Through what only be called pure devotion from his fans, Wyomingite Ryan Charles was put back into the running on NBC's breakout hit series American Song Contest.

At first, he didn't have enough votes to continue on to the semi-finals, and he accepted defeat graciously.

But his fans rallied around him and spread the word about his performance.

At the time this article was published his original performance video had almost 70,000 views, which is a HUGE amount compared to other performances from the show.

According to the comments on the YouTube video of the live performance, the song was a HIT with all capitals.

Kurt Whitlow: This song is sic. Best one of the night!! New Boot Goof!! Even Snoop getting down with it.

BetwixtTalesThis was easily the better of the two hip-hop/rap songs of the night. It made me bob my head while smiling at the conflicting image of a cowboy rapping to that beat.  It's awesome. Really hope to see him move on in the contest.

But, sadly Charles didn't get enough votes to move on to the semi-finals.

In a twist that no one saw coming Kelly Clarkson announced that Ryan Charles was being welcomed back onto the show, and he performed his "New Boot Goofin'" video for his fans live last night.

We won't know if Ryan made it into the finals for a few more days...but according to the comments under his video and all over social media...his fans are doing all they can to bring him back.

Kiera Vallone So happy New Boot Goofin' made it to the semifinals, lets hope he makes it to the finals!

Mirror Offthewall You'd better be voting for him! He was pretty low in the public vote that they showed so we need to fix that!

Jah I like this song the visual was fire yeah Boi do yo thang!!!!!

Voting is now closed, but the more you watch and share his video, it's very likely the better chances Ryan Charles has of making it back for the Finals.

According to a Twitter account that follows the show closely, Ryan IS in the top 10, but his spot is still a bit lower than we'd like to see.

We promise to keep you posted on how Ryan does!

In the meantime, if you like what he's doing show him some social media love.

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