So recently I found myself in the land of YouTube. It's amazing where you can end up in no time at all. I came across a video that talked about the top 10 "Most Redneck" towns in New York.

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They measured the things that most rednecks love including hunting, fishing, and chewing tobacco, I've lived in this area for most of my life, so I think I know what redneck towns would make the list from our neck of the woods.

I have to admit, the ones I had in mind didn't make the list and I'm not telling you either. However, there was one that totally surprised me. Rated R for Redneck, these are the top 10 Redneck Cities in New York and why. Let's see if you agree.

Most Redneck Towns In New York

10) Camden

Camden is north of Oneida Lake and is 13th in dollar stores and 6th in fishing in New York. It's a great place to catch fish...and a buzz while listening to the Buffalo Bills on the radio.

9) Norwich

I have to admit that I didn't have Norwich in the top ten redneck towns in Broome County, so how did it make this list. They are 4th in the state for chew and #1 for Walmarts. They have a Walmart all to themselves, so for a Norwich neck that's like a short line at Disney Land.

8) Penn Yan

They rank 5th for fishing and bait shops and think "No Fishing" signs are just a suggestion. Penn Yan stands for Pennsylvania Yankee, so that makes the redneck list just for that.

7) Johnstown

They have the 5th highest number of trailer parks and the 12th most places to get smokes. Baby rednecks in that town grow up to be daddy rednecks and they never leave town.

6) Hornell

They are ranked 2nd for bars and the 3rd most dollar stores per capita. So what does a Hornell redneck do when the dollar store runs out of Red Solo Cups? She goes to the other dollar store.

5) Bath

They are 12th for dollar stores and 10th for gun stores per capita in the state. With all the farmland and forests nearby, it provides for unlimited hunting out of their backyard deer stands...and front yard stands too.

4) Albion

They are 3 beers west of Rochester and are ranked 2nd for Walmart and 15th place to get chew per capita. An Albion wears camo to church...and to Wegmans too.

3) Medina

The number of gun stores is 1st and 5th in trailer parks per capita. Nothing says top notch like a liquored-up trailer park Medina neck on a NASCAR Sunday.

2) Ellenville

They have their own Walmart, three Dollar Generals, two Family Dollars, Shop Rite, a truck stop, and a partridge in a pear tree...Okay, I made the last one up.

#1) Malone

Their home to their own redneck games. Necks from all over upstate converge in Malone to compete in toilet seat toss and belly flops.

If your town was listed, then congrats because you live in redneck heaven. so considered yourself blessed. Keep in mind that this is supposed to be humorous and we all can use a laugh with everything going on around us.

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Who in the Sam Hill says rednecks are only from the south. Hold my beer! I reckon New Yorkers are fixin' to show y'all how it's really done.

Gallery Credit: Credit - Polly McAdams

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