Avenue Beat are ready to move on to 2021, and they’re making that message loud and clear with their newest single, "F2020." The all-women pop-country trio have released a full version of the song after it gained traction on TikTok.

In "F2020," longtime friends Sam Backoff, Savana Santos and Sami Bearden share recent personal events that have shaped the way they now view the current year. They recall heartbreaking moments: Losing a pet, dropping music only to be met with mild success and having their world shift due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

By the time the chorus hits, Avenue Beat want listeners to know enough is enough, and it’s time to focus on the future. They give a lowkey flip of the bird to the rest of the year.

“Lowkey f--k 2020 / Still sad, still ain’t got no money / I ain’t got a watch up on my wrist / I just got some s--t I gotta fix,” the 20-something Quincy, Ill., natives sing, utilizing their angelic harmonies on the chorus while backed by a relaxing beat. “Yo, lowkey f--k 2020 / But I think that I am kinda done / Can we just get to 2021, please? / Lowkey f--k 2020.”

Later on in the song, Avenue Beat reason that although many of their problems may seem trivial in comparison to what others have been through, they’re, “just stating the facts, this year is just whack / Emotionally, I am lonely and anxious and mad / And if you feel me on that ... / Lowkey f--k 2020.”

Avenue Beat’s angsty "F2020" has, ironically, given the three women somewhat of a silver lining to what has considerably been one of the darkest times in recent history. Before its release, the band teased a portion of the track on TikTok, and within a few days, the snippet went viral, racking up more than 11 million views.

Avenue Beat’s "F2020" follows recent singles such as "I Don't Really Like Your Boyfriend,” “Thank You Anxiety" and “Ruin That for Me.” They're signed to Big Machine Label Group.

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