Avenue Beat, the girl group who shot to viral stardom with a hilariously irreverent anthem about the disappointments of 2020, are kicking off the new year with a fresh dose of poppy energy. "Woman," the latest tune from the trio, shows the outfit's power goes well beyond complaining.

Indeed, unlike the relatable bemoaning of the TikTok sensation "F2020," "Woman" takes Avenue Beat's knack for appealing songcraft and applies it something eminently more positive — the unmistakably excellent attributes of, yes, a woman. For the group's Sam Backoff, Sami Bearden and Savana Santos — the latter who leads the new single with her smooth vocal — it's the perfect way to begin 2021.

"We kinda said all there was to be said about last year," Santos offers. "Why more negative? Why not lean into something a lot more sexy, beautiful and awesome like women's bodies, their vibe, their soul. Let's [start the new year] with something positive, something that feels good!"

Undoubtedly, something positive came from "F2020" after it exploded on TikTok, the video-sharing social network that's all the rage with the younger set. Besides duetting with Maddie & Tae, Avenue Beat signed with country music monolith Big Machine Records, and the label's extensive reach is propelling "Woman." It's quite the pairing for the empowering song that's all about femininity and body positivity.

"There's so much body shaming, labeling, judging," Bearden explains. "[The] truth is, your best friends are your girls; the people who're there no matter what happens are your girls. When you wanna dig into whatever, something fun, something tragic, ultimately, it's your girls."

"Plus, when Savana gets started, there's no stopping her," Backoff adds about the earworm of a new song from Avenue Beat. "She just hits a groove or a notion and keeps going."

The trio's certainly come a long way in a short time from its start as social media stars. Now, the sky's the limit for Avenue Beat. We've got a feeling that whatever the group has up next will be equally relatable and enjoyable. Perhaps a full-length album will even come down the pike soon.

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