Avenue Beat have words for 2020. The country trio and "Ruin That for Me" singers shared for a song called "Lowkey Fk 2020" on TikTok, and in just a few days they've racked up nearly 10 million views.

With help from celebs like Maren Morris, the group's to-the-point, intentionally stoic performance has gained media attention nationwide. The song tells their story over a simple click track. On December 31, they thought the upcoming year seemed promising, but then everything went wrong. A dead cat, the coronavirus pandemic and music that received poor reviews has the women saying, "Lowkey f--k 2020."

"I don't know about everybody else / but I think that I am kinda done / Can we just get to 2021?" the group sing over images of some of the more tragic parts of the year (people in hazmat suits, Black Americans who've died at the hands of police, Kobe Bryant, murder hornets, etc. ...).

Avenue Beat — friends Sami Bearden, Savana Santos and Sam Backoff — posted a response video to their song on Tuesday, in which they shed tears over the positive response to "Lowkey Fk 2020.” At that time, their video had seven million views, but within a day they were nearing 10 million. Until that point, most videos on their TikTok channel had gathered less than 10,000 views, with more recent vids amassing more than 100K. Several include curse words or gestures that may not be appropriate at work.

The Quincy, Ill., trio is signed to Big Machine Records and had plans to play songs from their self-titled EP on tour with Rascal Flatts in 2020. Pop-friendly beats and upfront lyrics mark their best songs. "I Don't Really Like Your Boyfriend" is their second-most streamed songs on Spotify. Last month, they were named one of Taste of Country's Hottest Country Artists Under 25.

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