Dierks Bentley took a few minutes to chat with us today about family, mutton bustin', his love for Colorado and the unveiling of the impressive lineup at the Seven Peaks Music Festival returning this Labor Day Weekend.

YouTube/Dierks Bentley

I've loved Dierks Bentley's work for a long time and have said on many occasions that there's not a Dierks song I DON'T like, so to be able to hang and chat for a few was a real treat.

Thankfully, my six year old was in the studio with us that morning and he got to ask Dierks a few questions like "Have you ever ridden a bull?" and "Can we have a playdate with your kids?"

AJ Battalio/TSM
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It's no secret Dierks loves Colorado and playing live and he gets to do that with some of his best buddies and some of country music's biggest and brightest stars in beautiful Buena Vista Labor Day weekend, including Keith Urban.

Saturday's lineup features Kip Moore, Ingrid Angress, Callista Clarke and the headliner, Keith Urban.

Sunday will feature the man himself: Dierks Bentley headlining, and leading up to Dierks will be Travis Denning, Old Crow Medicine Machine and Molly Tuttle.

The festival is set to take place on Labor Day Weekend, September 3-5 with 3 day passes going on sale Friday June 18.

To get ALL the info on Seven Peaks and the complete lineup, click HERE.

I'm pretty pumped up for pretty much all of these artists but Dierks is my man. Personally, here are the songs I'm looking forward to hearing Dierks sing live...

1.) Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go)

This is the ultimate driving and sing a long song for me...

YouTube/ Dierks Bentley

2. Sideways

Just a fun party and drinking song that I can't wait to get a little "sideways" to at the Seven Peaks.

YouTube/ Dierks Bentley

3. Drunk on a Plane

Because even though that's a horrible thing to do (at least in my personal experiences) it's just a damn good song.

YouTube/ Dierks Bentley

4. Gone

It's just one of my favorite songs from the past year...and the video cracks me up.

YouTube/ Dierks Bentley

5. Am I the Only One

An often forgotten song that I still REALLY enjoy...

YouTube/Dierks Bentley

6. Living

Love the song and the meaning behind it...hits home.

YouTube/ Dierks Bentley

7. 5-15-0

Another often forgotten Dierks song that I love cranking up...

YouTube/ Dierks Bentley

Ok ok...I could on and on about my favorite Dierks songs so...Check out the interview here..